Little Giant L.G.F Pet Nat 2022

L.G.F stands for Little Giant Free. All the cool kids are doing Pet Nat (petillant naturel: where the primary fermentation finishes in bottle creating the bubbles as carbon dioxide is trapped). Grapes are Chardonnay and the not oft seen in Australia: Savagnin (More famous in the mountainous Jura region of France). Winemakers are Corey Ryan and Mike Brown (famous of Gemtree).

Little Giant, L.G.F, Chardonnay, Savagnin, McLaren Vale, 2022

LGF Pet Nat

Didn’t explode and gush (yay!). Looks clean in the bottle and glass. Light carbonation with plenty of fast rising (but individual) bubbles. Chalk, Golden Delicious apple, preserved lemon, double cream and green grape. Lightly flavoured and softly textured. The mid palate offers a creamy undertone and leads to sharp acidity with a smoky echo. No hint of overt chalkiness or unfermented juice. Simple, but clean.

RRP: $29.99
Alc: 11.5%
Rating: 17.25/20 (89/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Fourth Wave Wine


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