Yalumba GEN Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2022

From Yalumba’s newest commitment to their sustainable journey. Part of “five certified organic wines, sustainably made at the Yalumba winery” which “embodies the brand’s sustainable journey and commitment to the next generation, with a fierce determination for the future.”  Yalumba’s first Organic wines were released in 2005 so there’s plenty of form for these “sustainably made” wines.

Yalumba, GEN, Organic, South Australia, South Australia, 2022

Yalumba GEN SavB

Very pale lemon in colour. Paw paw and rolled-in fresh grass, hints of musk, passion fruit seeds and the thick end of an asparagus spear. Fresh and zesty with underlying earthy Sauvignon blackcurrant leaf qualities. Obvious quality but may scare a few Savvy B traditionalists.

RRP: $22
Alc: 12%
Rating: 17.25/20 (89/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Yalumba


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