Pewsey Vale Lighter Riesling 2022

An interesting take here, this is the just the second release from the powerhouse Hill-Smith Family Vineyards behind the PV estate. The very large 9% on the front giving indication to the “lighter” frame (read = less expected calories) to the new wellness market. Parking the fact that Germans have been making incredible wines at such alcohol levels for quite a while, there’s a preconceived idea that such wines lack body or structure. The process of stopping fermentation early leaves around 17 grams of residual sugar resulting in some pleasing sweetness.

Pewsey Vale, Estate, Riesling, Eden Valley, 2022

PV Estate Riesling

Very pale lemon/straw hue. Floral and cute aromas: ripe peach stone fruit, lemon drops, lime flesh, torn kaffir lime leaves, soft grass and little talc. The residual sugar gives a lovely slickness to an otherwise expected bright and zesty palate full of citrus. More than a plaything, there’s the definite care and attention that the comes with the Pewsey Vale label. Unashamedly perfect for summer drinking.

RRP: $26
Alc: 9%
Rating: 18/20 (92/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Pewsey Vale


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