V is for….Bimbadgen

you can ring my bell....

you can ring my bell….

Well, B is for Bimbadgen. But V is for V14 (shorthand for Vintage 2014); V is for Viognier and for Vermentino. V is also for something else if you’re a fan of the band Puscifer.

These are the 1st two releases of the year from the Hunter Valley’s Bimbadgen Estate, where V is usually for Verdelho (the great unsung white of the region). Rauri Donkin, (ex De Iuliis Wines; First Creek amongst others), took the reins as senior wine maker for the 2014 vintage and seems ready to put his stamp on the brand. Spiffy tactile labels incorporating the iconic Bimbadgen Bell Tower completes good looking packaging.

Bimbadgen Estate Vermentino 2014

Not many sardines in the Hunter

Not many sardines in the Hunter

Incredibly pale blonde in the glass. Nose of lemon rind, almond husk, white flowers overlaid with peppery Rocket/Arugula. A little soapy “fullness” lingers around as well.

Zippy; snap/crackle/pop of Hunter Valley acidity. Lemon juice citrus, green pear, but then a slightly waxy, bitter fruit that feels a little heavy and dulled. Finishes off with a good briny spine.

The flavour dips in and out of the structure, whilst the mid palate labours a little. Definitely a wine that will shine best with food.

RRP: $24

Alc: 12.4%

Bimbadgen Estate Viognier 2014

Vee-On-Yay....not hard to say.

Vee-On-Yay….not hard to say.

Very pale lemon in the glass, with green highlights. Attractive aromas that makes you want to stick your nose in the glass more than a few times just to enjoy them. Lemons, dried pineapple pieces (like you get in ‘trail mix’), stone fruit skin & kernel and hessian. Complex, beguiling, more-ish. Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffff…….

Lemon curd, stone fruit slices, marmalade contrasting bitter/sweet fruit, passion-fruit seeds. Lovely Viognier richness without being flabby/oily/unctuous. Retains vibrant spine tingling acidity whilst bolstered with a gorgeous counterpoint of complexity and texture provided by partial barrel ferment. Finishes with shadows of spice lingering on the tongue.

Ultimately a very lip-smacking, drain the bottle kind of drink. Its got the spirit and verve to sit on the deck in the sun and not think too much, but its also got the body and touch of brawn enough to be put on the dinner table and match it with some cooked beast. Lovely drink.

RRP: $24

Alc: 13.5%

Both wines samples courtesy of  Bimbadgen Estate

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