Forever blowing [yellow tail] Bubbles

[yellow tail] made their name predominantly overseas by producing massive amounts of low cost, simple wines and a garish yellow label and an almost cringeworthy jingoistic kangaroo. The Casella family owned winery based out of Griffith, NSW, certainly fulfil a market demand with these styles of wines. They’ve also produced “reserve” ranges of regional specific wines, such as a Coonawarra Cabernet. Recently, the group purchased the major stake of Peter Lehmann in the Barossa. If no one gave the company credence before now to having lofty goals of producing top tier wines, this move flies in the face of those doubters. Which brings us to their pair of Moscato Bubbles.

Moscato, the perennial red-haired step child of the wine world. Well, at least to the wine “cogniscenti.” But it sells. By the tank farm load. Slightly bubbly and usually exceptionally sweet, summer in Australia wouldn’t be the same without a (usually female) friend bringing around a bottle to the ubiquitous BBQ. Made (traditonally) from the naturally sweet Muscat grape, there are serious styles made in Australia (such as t’Gallant) but these wines are deliberately not targeted that way. Which brings a confliction to their choice of bottle for the wines. They are heavy. I mean serious, vintage Champagne heavy. An interesting choice for a wine that retails under $10 and can most likely be found cheaper, as the wine inside and indeed the labelling, doesn’t bear such a serious tone.

[yellow tail] White Moscato Bubbles, NV, S.E.A

YT Moscato Bubb_Rebrand HR

Labelled as ‘carbonated white wine’ and topped with a plastic sparkling/champagne “cork.” The labelling is intentionally mischievous and fun. Big fruity Muscatty nose along with plenty of Turkish Delight/Rosewater along plenty of tropical island fruit. “Thirst Lifesaver” like lemon and lime zing, but without the crunchy bits. Tropical fruit sweetness, but not so much that you’d stick an umbrella in the glass. Definitely more towards the lemonade/soft drink end of the spectrum.

Not intended to be complex and hits the goal, bang on target.

RRP: $9.99

Alc: 7.5%


[yellow tail] Red Moscato Bubbles, NV, S.E.A

YT Red Moscato Bubb_Rebrand HR

Labelled as ‘carbonated red wine.’  Unwrapping the foil brings a pleasant surprise and a deft touch by the [yellow tail] marketing department: a re-usable airtight sparkling/champagne stopper. In the nouveau world of screw caps, small items such as these (and corkscrews) tend to be worth their weight in gold.

Opens with quite an explosion of force. The re-usable stopper certainly does its job well. Heady nose of mature strawberries, confected red fruits, and a lick of creamy fresh leather. Big ripe palate of strawberries and cream with big soft red berries. Not to be confused with a Sparkling Red with a serious dosage, this is still, light, frizzy and with a good cut of acid. Enjoyable, and invoking a guilty pleasure like singing along to “You’re The Voice” and enjoying every strained high note.

RRP: $9.99

Alc: 8%


Both of these wines I would seriously consider serving with summer desserts. The White with a good old school Australian Pavlova (think the kiwifruit and meringue) and the Red could easily handle anything with red berries, from the light end of a berry fool to maybe even a light chocolate fondant and coulis. At the price, the alcohol level and with summer entertaining, they’re a good value choice.

Wine samples courtesy of [yellow tail]

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