Bimbadgen…Ringing out clear.


The 2014 vintage was Rauri Donkin’s first vintage as Head Winemaker at the iconic Bimbadgen Estate in the Hunter Valley. Now just finishing his 2nd vintage in charge of the ship, he has a clear direction of where he wants to take the wines created under his watch and is polishing the good foundations left by his predecessor Sarah Crowe. The bell at Bimbadgen is well and truly ringing clearly.

Hunter Valley Vermentino, 2014


A little soapy, with dried pineapple pieces, peppery spice and a little bit of youthful banana-lolly esters.

Briny, salty, spicy with plenty of racy, crisp Hunter acidity. Lemon juice citrus and pear slices. Definitely made for food and hot weather.

RRP: $24

Alc: 12.4%

Hunter Valley Chardonnay, 2014


Ripe peaches (of the tinned, sliced kind), sweet cashew oak, lemon skins and creamy vanilla. Well oaked style, but Hunter Chardonnay can handle it. The wine starts out crisp up front, lots of creamy lemon in the middle with interplay of yellow stonefruit. Spice oak driven finish. A touch old school, but enjoyable and feel good, like watching a re-run of Red Dwarf.

RRP: $26

Alc: 12.9%

Hunter Valley Shiraz, 2013


Stewing cherries, black raspberry, plenty of pepper and touch of soy. The plush oak gives a comforting wrap to dark red fruit flavours, plenty of lively Hunter acid for structure and some blue steak meatiness for savoury balance. Good mid-priced pure drinkability.

RRP: $28

Alc: 13.4%

All wines samples courtesy of Bimbadgen Estate


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