Glaetzer of the Barossa Valley



Ben Glaetzer is part of Barossa royalty. His dad Colin started Glaezter Wines almost a century after the family settled in the Barossa Valley in 1888 and started growing grapes. The family is certainly gifted: Ben’s brother Nick makes award winning wines in Tasmania.

Ben’s style is uncompromisingly Barossa, but there’s class and love. All fruit is sourced from the north end of the Barossa sub region of Ebenezer with predominantly French oak maturation. The distinctive black and white labels with their descriptive iconography are immediately recognisable. Whilst the Glaetzer boys are the headlines, it’s obvious that the feminine side of the family also has a large influence to the brand: namely Judith, Colin’s wife and Nick & Ben’s mum. These labels have either a direct link to her or to powerful feminine figure.

Wallace, Shiraz/Grenache, 2013


Wallace is an ancestral family name of Colin’s wife Judith. The label depicts the three elements of the family crest: Celtic cross, the thistle and the Celtic knot.

Barossa fruit doing it does best: being rich and ripe. Dark plummy shiraz mixes with that slightly herbaceous/tomato vine Grenache and overlays of dark rubber. Generous yet still balanced. Full of fruit yet delicious savoury, sandy tannins wash clean. Like any good spice in cooking: just the right amount of American Oak (20%) is used for maturation alongside French for the Shiraz, with the Grenache being left pure. Barossa in a bottle.


RRP: $22.99

Alc: 15%


Bishop, Shiraz, 2013


Bishop is the family name of Colin’s wife Judith. The icon on the label is the symbol of Roman Goddess Venus or her Greek equivalent being Aphrodite, but the sign has also been linked back to ancient Egypt: giving a connection to the other Glaetzer labels of Amon-Ra and Anaperenna.

Distinctively earthy with mushroom cap, chocolate mud cake, spice and Cabernet-esque brambly notes. Beguiling and powerful.

Rich, deep, long Barossa Shiraz. Blood plums and dark chocolate. The tannins are fine. The alcohol is well handled and it finishes with structure rather than heat. There’s power up front but the flavour stops a touch short and I can’t help thinking it’s missing a certain something for the moment. Give it some time.


RRP: $33

Alc: 15%


Wine samples courtesy of Glaezter Wines


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