Taylors Special Release Clare Valley Shiraz 2013


An exclusive release from Taylors Wines for Aldi. Mitchell Taylor has just taken the mantle as Chairman of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW), so you can’t imagine that an exclusive arrangement with a European based Supermarket (who are rattling the cages of the comfortable incumbents, Coles and Woolworths) was a lightly considered move. Their wine brands from Europe and Australia, offer exceptional value for money in almost every case: from a $5 Spanish Tempranillo or a $14 Margaret River Chardonnay.
So maybe it isn’t Taylors that saw an opportunity here, but maybe it was Aldi.

Taylor’s Special Release, Shiraz, Clare Valley, 2013
First thing that jumps out is the American oak. Less used now than 20 years ago, but the coconut/bourbon vanilla sweetness is unmistakable. Does that make this a honey trap for consumers? Certainly there’s good Clare Valley dark mocha and plum but that burning sweetness is a touch off-putting.
Super smooth on the palate with black/red logan berries and plaistow choc. But dominated by an almost confected sweetness of American Oak.
Look, it’s not a bad wine and I’m nitpicking to an extent, there’s good Clare Valley dark red fruits and you can see the care, but I’d love to see a touch more elegance, even at a ‘bargain’ price point.

RRP: $14.99
Wine sample courtesy of Taylor’s Wines

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