Berton Vineyards – Foundstone and Metal

Berton continue to be a workhorse of the Australian landscape, providing everyday drinking wines at everyday drinking prices. A new look website also makes life a little easier for purchasing…..

Foundstone, Un-oaked Chardonnay, SEA, 2015

FOundstone UnOakChard

There’s lemon drop boiled lolly sweetness, topped with a bit of sulfide stink. Tropical fruits that seem a little much for a chardonnay, heading towards melon stage. The palate gives most of the lemon citrus spectrum, with a bit of lime tartness. Acid is on the high side and finishes floury and a little flabby.  Make no mistake, this wine hits the target market bull’s-eye.

RRP: $8

Alc (Label): 13%

Alc (Tech sheet): 13.24%

Foundstone, Pinot Grigio, SEA, 2015

Foundstone PiGjpg

Definitely in the Grigio, lighter, Italian style. Green pear skin and pink lady apples. Flavour of fruit runs through green pear, unripe stone fruit flesh from around the kernel and dilute citrus. Decent mouth feel with a touch of grip and some good acid providing drive.

RRP: $8

Alc (Label): 12.5%

Alc (Tech sheet): 12.37%

Metal Label, The Vermentino, Riverina, 2015

Metal Vermentino

The Metal range come with striking pewter face plate. Not bad packaging for a $12. Australia should be drinking more Vermentino. It seems to grow so well here and the flavour profile suits out lifestyle. Salty lemon and smells like blonde hair, almost a flower blossom sweetness too. It’s like a beach photo advertising HQ Kingswoods with bronzed Aussies draped over the bonnet. Pleasant enough: lemon bodied with that almost banana lolly estery finish. A little grip.  Acid is peaky, ready to carve through any sort of seafood. Not exceptionally long flavoured, but then it’s purpose is not to dominate, but to accompany. Does it with aplomb.

RRP: $12

Alc (Label): 12%

Alc (Tech sheet): 11.94%

Metal Label, Sauvignon Blanc, Padthaway, 2015

Metal Sauvignon blanc


Berton have looked to successful SB growing areas for this fruit. In this case, Padthaway on the Limestone Coast. Varietal nose of fresh asparagus spears, snow peas, greengage and passion fruit skin. Tart and bitey on the palate. The acid is a little out of whack as it dominates what seems to be satisfactory fruit.

RRP: $12

Alc (Label): 12.5%

Alc (Tech sheet): 12.66%

Foundstone, Shiraz, SEA, 2014

Foundstone Shiraz

Chocolate and cherry  nose. With plenty of spice and pepper, there’s overarching baked plums and oak sweetness, and some “lipstick” kisses. Full bodied with concentrated syrupy plum, blackberry and sour acid that serves to uplift the dark fruit. Oak gives a veneer of sweetness with rich toffee lingering.

RRP: $8

Alc (Label): 14%

Alc (Tech sheet): 13.86%

Foundstone, Merlot, SEA, 2014

Foundstone Merlot

I’ve tasted some great Australian merlots recently and seeing this in front of me, I wonder if the big producers are using these pinnacles as bench marks. Sure there’s economies of scale that just can’t be reached…but that little spark flickers inside when I now see Australian merlot, and I hope it’s fanned into a flame….

Stinky blackberry, some pencil, dirt and herbaceous tonic. Burnt creme caramel crust and macerated plum. Simple, but ripe profile. Doesn’t head into jammy territory: hold the neat black plum line with some tannins that fleetingly appear and then are lost to the sweet vanilla and oak. Perfectly serviceable with a mid week pizza (cliched I know…but it’d work a treat)

RRP: $8

Alc (Label): 14%

Alc (Tech sheet): 13.5%

Wine samples courtesy of Berton Vineyards

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