Redbank…Whites from King Valley

With vineyards perched high in the North Eastern, (almost Alpine region) of King Valley Victoria, these vineyards can see snow in winter. The area is home to a substantial amount of Italian migrants who came to work in the 1950s, and is now a hotspot of “alternative” grape varieties predominantly of that Italian heritage. Speaking of heritage, it’s not a huge leap to see the pedigree and heritage of the Redbank wines which gives a nod to their making and value (and bloody smart packaging).

Redbank, Prosecco, King Valley, 2014

Redbank Prosecco NV

Sourced from the Whitfield family vineyard. There’s a back story here for the grape type of “Prosecco,” as by true definition, it is actually ‘Glera’ but the grape and the drink are so symbiotic, that Prosecco is now recognised as the variety. Heavy bottle in the traditional style, and classy packaging. Crown seal for complete freshness (I love opening wine with a stubby opener!).  Smells of soda bread, lemon pith, white blossom, a touch of honey and with typical green apple. Crispy, crunchy lip smacking. Green apples, finger limes and sweet lemon citrus. Lots of tiny busy bubbles. Good depth of flavour for Prosecco, definutely one of the better Australian examples. Serve it with good antipasto crudo and let the bubbles carve through the fat.

RRP: $21.95

Alc: 11%

Redbank, Pinot Grigio, King Valley, 2014

Redbank Pinot Grigio NVGood work here from Redbank to produce both Pinot Grigio (Italian style) and Pinot Gris (French style). Both also carry the PinotG spectrum on the labeling (should be more of it), this just over the midway between crisp and luscious. Plenty of ripe pear, a little yoghurt complexity and bittersweet grapefruit. Good acid line runs through the same flavour lines of ripe pear and grapefruit. Still has some palate weight and sure to have it’s fans.

RRP: $21.95

Alc: 13%

Redbank, “Sunday Morning” Pinot Gris, King Valley, 2014

Redbank Pinot Gris NV

Bottled here in a “Flute d’Alsace” Pinot Gris (French style). Slides 2/3rds along the way of the PinotG Spectrum. Brown pears, sweet sugar crystals, white stone fruits, plenty of spice…almost ginger. Lovely balance of acid driving through fleshy brown pear fruit. Lingering ash smokiness too. Matched with yum cha dumplings and sweet black vinegar pork belly.

RRP: $21.95

Alc: 13.5%

Redbank, Fiano, King Valley, 2014

Redbank Fiano NV

Grown on the Mt Bellevue Estate, 700 metres above sea level. That’s a fair way up. Fiano is also old….not one of the johnny come lately grape varieties. The Romans were growing it way down in the south of Italy (with a little more warmth than King Valley), and it nearly went the way of the Roman Empire too, until it was “saved” with new plantings around it’s home of Avellino in the early 20th century.

Almond croissant, feijoa, grapefruit, yellow box honey, lime cordial….a unique flavour profile that sits rich, yet maintains the lime acid zestiness of the altitude. Serve it with a piece of baked white firm flesh fish with some simple herbs and enjoy.

RRP: $21.95

Alc: 13%

Wine samples courtesy of Redbank Wines



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