Yelland and Papps Sete Di Vino 2014

Michael and Susan (nee Yelland) Papps are a wonderful, engaging husband and wife team. They’re dynamic and part of the driving force behind the “new wave” of Barossa Valley producers embracing the soil and proving that the region can deliver more than just blockbusting Shiraz.

Yelland and Papps, Sete Di Vino, Barossa Valley, 2014


Translates as “A Thirst for Wine.” The blend for this vintage is 78% Primitivo (aka Zinfandel) and 22% Barbera, with the fundamental always being that the blend of grapes must have a “simpatico.” Objective achieved: big tick. Love the nose on this, slightly meaty with a hint of herbaceous “Irish Moss” laying across jubey juicy red and black fruits. Nutty earthy chocolate characters and thoughtful oak (14 months French) slide you into plummy Barossa nouveau . The Primitivo full and rich whilst the Barbera provides the right amount of grip from the tannins. It’s like a smooth bass beat to a funky cruisy tune, that you can’t help but nod along to with each sip.

RRP: $25

Alc: 14%

Wine sample courtesy of Yelland & Papps


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