Thomas Wines 2 x 2 Of A Kind

Andrew “Thommo” Thomas was born and raised in McLaren Vale, South Australia. After deciding to follow in the footsteps of his wine making father, Wayne, he forsook the Vale and found a Valley. The Hunter Valley to be precise. There’s enough written about Thommo’s Individual Vineyard wines that continue to re-set bench marks for Hunter Valley Semillon and Shiraz, so it’s refreshing to review these “two of a kind” wines. He gets quality grapes from SA and blends it with selected Hunter Valley fruit. A vinous self-reflection perhaps?

Thomas Wines, two of a kind, Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc, 2015


53% Hunter Valley Sem and 47% Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. Crazy, but the glass is sitting on the bench next to me as I write this and Thommo’s signature is all over this wine, I can smell the Sem leaping out. Disclaimer: I’ve dragged some hoses and wash some picking bins out for Thommo, and it smells just like the winery when the whites are starting to kick over into ferment, like Noiseworks…”Take me back…”

Hunter lemon, sherbert and lemon grass,  then the AH fruit pushes the herbaceous grassy edge, giving a little bit of shaved capsicum and tiny bit of blackcurrant. There’s tropical fruit influences, but less of a Fruit Hat and more of a Hawaiian Shirt. Some of that fruit sweetness from the SB comes through on the first sip, then like a like a late night TV Infomercial for a “Nutri Ninja” blender…the razor sharp Hunter acidity slices and dices and leaves a lovely chalkiness. At $20…this is a gateway drug wine that will leave you seeking out the next hit from the Individual Vineyard Semillons.

RRP: $20

Alc: 11.5%

Thomas Wines, two of a kind, Shiraz, 2013


58% Hunter Valley and 42% McLaren Vale. The first thing that jumps out….like Thommo’s dog Rosie at the winery, is the choco jubey McLaren Vale fruit, spatula-ed over the earthy Hunter fruit. Moist. Like a ganache on beetroot chocolate mud cake. Throw in some spiced plums, celery stalk and white pepper. The palate, with that choc and fruit sweetness, gives an interesting recollection of Pineapple Lumps. This half sibling doesn’t have the intensity of it’s Single Vineyard big brothers, but this one is all about drinkability without being crude, swill juice. The little 1%ers that Thommo espouses move it up a notch.

RRP: $24

Alc: 14%

Wine samples courtesy of Thomas Wines

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