Pig In The House by Windowrie Shiraz 2014

Certified Organic and that means plenty to a lot of people these days. The ‘natural’ wine debate bear has roused from hibernation for another growl and teeth baring, but throw an “organic” wine into this argument, that is made in “normal” wine making methodologies and suddenly the world ain’t so black and white. Who cares really if your wine is orange, red, pink, cerise, black or treacle….if it’s a badly made wine, it’s a badly made wine. Right, Rant over. And now for something completely different….

Pig In The House, Shiraz, Cowra, 2014

Pig In the House Shiraz NVWow. What a difference a year makes: A step up from the 2013.  Woody and perfumed. Deep cherry and blackberry with a little cracked black pepper. Easy tannins and bright fruit. Black fruit spectrum meets pepper and spice. Bouncy and lively (like a piglet snuffling for truffles). A little alcohol sweetness, but that’s part of the charm.  Solid. Sheep be true Baa, ram, ewe…..

RRP: $25

Alc: 14%

Wine sample courtesy of Windowrie Pig in the House and Define Wine

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