Mudgee Gold Shiraz Cabernet 2013

So there are plenty of wine collaborations across Australia: wine makers blending together their chosen barrels (more often than not for charity) and the results can vary somewhat. Like a vinous Frankenstein creation (or Voltron for the new generation): sometimes the blends work well as a wine; other times, the novelty factor of having so many recognised winemakers’ creative juices together simply gives it the brownie points. In this case, we have a rare example: only the best Shiraz and Cabernet wines from wineries that won gold at the Mudgee wine show (don’t sneer, the judging panel is top notch). The nomenclature also a nod to the mining history of the district that again see its fortunes from the land, but this time not so deep underneath the surface. Only one barrel produced, 700 bottles. Proceeds from the sale of the 2013 Mudgee Gold will be invested back in to the region via the Mudgee Wine Technical Committee.  I encourage you, if you’re a serious collector of Australian wines, do yourself a favour and put a bottle of this away.

Mudgee Gold, Shiraz/Cabernet, Mudgee, 2013


A blend from contributions by Robert Stein Winery Shiraz, Vinifera Wines Cabernet, Robert Oatley Vineyards Shiraz and Logan Wines Shiraz. The finished wine is a collaborative blend by winemakers Jacob Stein, Andrew Ling, Liam Heslop, Duncan Lloyd and Lisa Bray. Opaque in the glass, the dark earthy heart of the region almost impenetrable. Amalgam of spiced plums, pencil box, eucalyptus, Turkish coffee, creamy oak, dark chocolate. Remarkably approachable on the front palate: Silky plum shiraz and oak, all plums and chocolate ease you in before you stumble across the Mudgee you’re expecting: some blocky, earthy tannins remind you of your place: heading north on Ulan Rd as the gumtrees race past you window. Cabernet blackness isn’t overt, but meshes well with the tang of peppery Shiraz. It finishes bold with no holds barred: you’re strong-armed into liking the pure charm of this wine. One off proof of just how good modern Mudgee reds can be.

RRP: $60

Alc: 14%

Wine sample courtesy of Mudgee Wine and Define Wine

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