Bremerton Special Release Malbec 2014

Langhorne Creek likes Malbec. Malbec likes Langhorne Creek. And Rebecca Willson from Bremerton Wines likes Malbec too.

Bremerton, Special Release Malbec, Langhorne Creek, 2014


Damson plum, damp herby violet smells that (initially), suppress confectionery red apple and raspberry, all neatly wearing a fresh leather jacket. It’s suave, yet dense at the same time. Chunks of chocolate, sweaty dark fruits but they seem blanketed under the winemaking influences at the moment, 14 months in Hungarian oak and a peaky bit of heat from the warmth. Furry tannins finish things off. More than good enough for a winter cook up of slow cooked meats.

RRP: $24

Alc: 14.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Bremerton Wines


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