Brash Higgins…Up Close and Personal

Brad Hickey, AKA Brash Higgins contacted me just in late April letting me know he was on his way to Tassie for work/play. We got together at the wine/winemaker friendly Quartermaster’s Arms in Hobart for a whip through the line-up. All wines from McLaren Vale.

Brash Line Up

Photo courtesy of Om Yoga Hobart

ZBO, (Zibbobo) 2015
AKA Muscat of Alexandria and traditionally used for sweet wines. This has a fruit forward nose of pineapple squares but finishes bone dry. Orange blossom flowers and perfect food friendly texture. Delicious point of difference.
RRP: $37
Alc: 13%

Gr/M, (Grenache/Mataro) 2015
Lipstick, spice, pepperberry, raspberry licks. Sandy tannins with a heart of blueberry. Does exactly what it intends to.

RRP: $37
Alc: 14.5%

FRNC (Cabernet Franc) 2015
Reading these is like playing a game of Wheel Of Fortune….”Can I buy a vowel please???” My personal fave of the line up and a steal for the price. Smells like oven baked fries, mulberry, cassis, spear mint leaf. Just medium bodied, delicate with a sharp focus of dark fruit & soft furry tannins. A pleasure to drink.

RRP: $30
Alc: 13.6%

NDV, (Nero d’Avola) 2015
Plenty already said about this wine…but here’s some more. Lavender, leather, black fruits, pencils, cooling blue fruit, iodine. Full bodied, with sappy, stalky notes, supported well with dark fruits and spice.

RRP: $42
Alc: 14.3%

Mrlo, (Merlot) 2015
Our favourite label design: like a funky table chandelier. Blackcurrant pastille, raspberry jube, white pepper nose. Meatier than expected. Pepper spice and tough, dominant tannins. Smoked meats linger along with the light pastille.

RRP: $37
Alc: 14.5%

Shz, (Shiraz) 2014
Inky, mushroom fins, blueberry, Clag and fresh cardboard. Palate brings chocolate drops, liqueur black raspberry. All sweet and cuddly.

RRP: $37
Alc: 14.9%

Omensetter, 2010
The big fella. Label reminds me of a Studebaker grill. 85% Shiraz and 15% Cabernet. Intense chocolate dessert, like a ganache/self saucing pudding, blueberry cheesecake, pastille, smoked/rubbed meats. Surprisingly balanced, core of sweet chocolate, bitter tannins that coat the teeth but are fast unstuck with sheets of black fruit. Unique and powerful.

RRP: $95
Alc: 15.5%

Buy direct from Brash Higgins here


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