St Hubert’s “The Stag” Chardonnay & Shiraz

New range from the St Hubert’s stable of TWE. Traditionally known for the Yarra Valley releases, these are simply labelled Victoria and “Cool Climate.” Nice packaging nonetheless. Solid, broad shouldered bottle. Stag imagery quite striking….enough to make my wife remark upon getting a deer tattoo..

The Stag Pair

St Hubert’s The Stag, Chardonnay, Victoria 2016

Sweetish, yet light stone fruit, some melon rind vague white flowers, sliced potato and very subtle oak. A bit pretty. Medium bodied with grapefruit, fig balancing nectarine stone fruit. Some cutting acidity keeps it fresh and bright whilst oak feels like an afterthought. Good for the price for a person who wants to move from lighter white wines to chardonnay.

RRP: $19.99
Alc: 13.5%

St Hubert’s The Stag, Shiraz, Victoria 2015

Brother to the Chardonnay. Could be Alpine, Great Western, Macedon etc..,It’s all puppy fat (fawn fat?), sweet plump dark red berries heading towards a rich gateaux with choc-dipped fruits. Some sweeter coffee notes too with the suggestion of white pepper and fennel. Palate is slupparble/slippery/ satin with dark raspberry, blackberry. Feels very clean, like hotel sheets. Soft fuzzy tannins try hard to imitate antler velvet. Fruit full without being baked or too jammy. Very pleasant for easy drinking.

Alc: 14.5%

Wine samples courtesy of St Hubert’s and Treasury Wine Estates


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