Bremerton Wines Walter’s Reserve Cabernet 2012

One of the premium wines from Bremerton. You’ll need your cork screw.

Bremerton Wines, Walter’s Reserve,  Cabernet Sauvignon, Langhorne Creek, 2012


Cork. 20 months new French oak. I had this open for 24 hours before tasting (open the cork, then immediately insert cork half-way, just give a little oxygen). Immense nose: Cedar and pine forest, before falling into a bramble patch of blackberry and somehow coming up reeking of milk chocolate. Maturation time has smashed the oak and fruit together, the wine fragments between cassis hammers and tannic anvils, all the while with a little too much heat from the forge. Those tannins are chewy (not drying) that almost suck the air out the fruit before a fortified-esque spirit note wafts. 4 years old and under cork: I’d give this another few years before revisiting, and even then…open only in case of roast buffalo.

RRP: $56

Alc: 15%

Wine sample courtesy of Bremerton Wines


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