Rob Dolan Four + One 2014

Part of the “Black Label” series from Rob Dolan Wines, this one is exclusive to cellar door and the website.

Rob Dolan, Four + One, Yarra Valley, 2014


In this case, the “Four” are: Grenache, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Barbera, whilst the “One” is Shiraz. Split is: Grenache 35%, Sangiovese 23%, Barbera 14% and Tempranillo 14% with Shiraz 14%. Cold soak pre-ferment to extract all the goodies and aged 14 months in old oak.  Smoky meaty, brine, cherries, ink and old roses with a currant lilt and “Freddo Frog” milk chocolate.  Medium bodied at best. Like Robert Helpmanns’s trousers: silky and tight.  The bitter sour herby tang works with the black cherry fruit to create the poles within which the soft tannins grip. Fades away with hazelnut, rosewater and plum. I want to like this a little more than I do. Best match it with meat based pintxos.

RRP: $27

Alc: 13%

Wine sample courtesy of Rob Dolan Wines



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