Centenary of Griffith Celebration Durif 2015

Almost gone are the days of Celebration Wines, where a tawny port would have been bottled and released in ceramic decanter even at the opening of a new fridge door. This Celebration Wine however, is a vintage table wine from the Riverina area of NSW. Durif was only introduced into the region by Calabria in 1999, it was blended collaboratively from the best barrel of durif by the contributing wineries of Berton Vineyards, Calabria Family Wines, De Bortoli Wines, Warburn Estate and McWilliams Wines. It was finally  “guided” by Daren Owers from Nugan Estate. Labels were donated by Griffith business Multi-Color Corporation. 3000 Bottles produced. Available from each of the contributing cellar doors

Centenary of Griffith, Durif, Riverina, 2015


Big nose of rich black fruits with a tart herby edge whole sweet oak rises and falls with a hint of currants and earthy mashed potato.  Rough and ready, it seems almost unfinished: like it was taken from barrel just a bit too soon. Chunky and toothsome tannins bash along with sour/tart blackberry. There’s a warming boozy edge to it, but that’s part of the rustic charm. Well done for the first 100 years, Griffith.

RRP: $20

Alc: 14%

Wine sample courtesy of Riverina Winemaker’s Association



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