d’Arenberg The Money Spider Roussanne 2016

Legend (and back label) has it that the wine is so named after the “money spiders” that covered the first crop of Roussane in 2000, with popular belief is that kindness to these creatures will bring good luck. Chester left them be. Maybe there’s something in it. Anyways, the price hasn’t shifted in 3 vintages. If you’re going to get people to convert to interesting drinking, this could be the wine.

d’Arenberg, The Money Spider, Roussanne, McLaren Vale, 2016

The Money Spider Roussanne

Cornucopia of yellow fruit: Grapefruit, yellow peach, grilled pineapple, pineapple juice and hemp resin, candle wax complexity. Medium-full palate, with a toothsome approach and low-slung acidity. Plenty of those sour/sweet flavours off set with distinct bitter tonic water/iodine note. Don’t serve too cold or some of the nutty subtleties will be subdued. Good value as an introductory vessel.

RRP: $20

ALC: 12.7%

Wine sample courtesy of d’Arenberg

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