Patina Wines Scandalous Riesling 2014

Scandal’us were a created band in Australia in the early 2000’s. A mixed singing only group that was the outcome of the reality TV show Popstars, which the previous year had spawned the far more successful all girl group ‘Bardot.’ Both bands have a Hobart connection. Sophie Monk (now sometime actress) at the time of the first Popstars was seeing a colleague of mine who worked with me in a nightclub here in Hobart. Obviously that relationship didn’t last after the big win. The second Popstars (and birthplace of Scandal’us) featured Hobart local and talented covers artist Simon Ditcham. The group had one big hit and then faded into obscurity as their 15 minutes of fame expired. Anyway, the reason this wine is “scandalous” is apparently due to the 18 grams (per litre) of residual sugar. Gerald Naef, winemaker reckons ““Having retained sugar in wines in Australia is a bit of a scandal. In Germany it’s universally accepted, however in Australian it is often seen as a ‘bit commercial’ and not overly serious. ”

Patina Wines, Scandalous, Riesling, Orange, 2014


Distinct turned earth and floral nose with English Breakfast tea bag, lime leaf and rose petals. The juicy lime sorbet fruit certainly tingles and zips through the palate. The soft/sweet finish dominates the tart green apple acidity and it doesn’t quite feel as light on its feet as a Germanic Riesling (which is the inspiration). It’s good, but I’d prefer to see it matched with food give it some spice to make it sing.  Regardless, this wine will last far longer than Scandal’us.

RRP: $25

Alc: 12%

Sample courtesy of Patina Wines and Define Wine


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