Topper’s Mountain Barrel Aged Gewürztraminer 2015

I said over 3 years ago that Topper’s Mountain have the best Gewürztraminer in Australia. And whilst I no longer take many photos of bottles on my kitchen bench, I still put forward the case for Mark Kirby (vigneron) and Mike Hayes (winemaker) as having the best Gewürztraminer in Australia. Respect the umlaut.

Topper’s Mountain, Barrel Aged, Gewürztraminer , New England, 2015


Aged 5 months in new French barriques. Bugger-all bottles produced (768 to be precise). Huge pillowy perfume of Turkish Delight, musk, rosewater, dried flowers, fresh cut celery stalk,yellow box honey and some spicy lychee. Bone dry palate polarised by the inherent, implied sweetness of the musk/rosewater with a grilled pineapple smokiness. Mike Hayes straddles the texture and mouth feel fine line perfectly without this ever spilling over to being oily or fat. In fact, it’s almost delicate with lingering spice and crunchy acidity. I still don’t know why the price is this low for this good a wine, I thought cult status was going to push prices for this winery through the roof, but you’ve still got a chance to get on at the ground floor.

RRP: $35

Alc: 13.8%

Wine samples courtesy of Topper’s Mountain


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