Hentley Farm Black Beauty Sparkling Shiraz 2016

Disgorged in October 2016, this sleek packaging with its low shoulders and velvet label evokes sensuality and exotica. Luckily the wine inside is more than ready to live up to the expectation.

Hentley Farm, Black Beauty, Sparkling Shiraz, Barossa Valley, 2016

The crimson mousse takes quite a while to settle in the glass after the first pour. Then follows an expressive, complex nose: rich leather, prunes, caramelised dates, coffee, black currant, meat pan juices, wine gums and some toasty brown spice. The palate brings yin/yang with meaty juiciness along with coffee bitter and black cherry sweet. Tart, angry, angular. It wants to be sweet and smooth, but for the now appears muscular and exotically spiced. After flavours of baked red apple and subtle vanilla bean. This is ready for many years in the cellar. Match only with dark foods of appropriate strength.

RRP: $62
Alc: 14%

Wine sample courtesy of Hentley Farm

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