Bremerton Special Reserve Malbec 2015

I recently sat with a well respected winemaker having a glass of wine on his back deck, talking about wine regions and how the ones that are the most successful are the ones who realise what they’re good at. It wasn’t quite a statement such as people shouldn’t get above their station, but simply saying that the winemakers who understand their patch and price their wines accordingly will always do well. Bremerton fall into this category for me, the wines are well made, full and generous (without being blunt or obtuse) and priced accordingly. Bravo to the Willsons who understand their patch of dirt.

Bremerton, Special Reserve, Malbec, Langhorne Creek, 2015

Aged in Hungarian oak. Boysenberry, pine needle, perfumed violets, vanilla bean, browning apple core and pink peppercorns. There’s plenty of Rubenesque purple fruit and feels giggly, yet swarthy at the same time. Sort of like what Jack Black tries to achieve in his movies. There’s sandy tannins to the full body with a licorice bent and a ferrous tang. Great for friends and food.

RRP: $24
Alc: 14.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Bremerton Wines


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