Vino Nitra Tradition Rizling Vlašský 2012

Produced by Vino Nitra. The wine was a farewell present from our downstairs Slovenian neighbours who had been the recipients of a few of my left-over wine samples. I’ll admit I’m not a Slovenian wine expert so a quick call out on Twitter saw world renowned grape expert Nayan Gowda provide some insight that it the grape is also known as Grasevina or Olasz Riesling, and that good examples have the potential to age gracefully. Not sure this was ever bottled as good example: our neighbours had used it as their wedding wine but the symbolism and generosity has always been a humbling feeling.

Tradition Winery and Vineyards, Rizling Vlašský, Slovenia 2012

Very short cork (that had held well though). Burnished gold colour. Developing nose of lemon/lime curd and still youthful juice, smoky tropicals, waxy vanilla and blossom. Textural and weighty palate: some viscosity akin to gewurztraminer or viognier. Flavour profile of lemon drops, light vanilla bean and white stones. Acidity is starting to mellow and mushy tropical fruits ripening. A pleasant curio.

RRP: ??
Alc: 10.5%
Rating: NA/20

Wine gifted from generous neighbours.


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