Gundog Estate Wild Semillon 2017

I don’t think I can write a better intro to this wine than the one from Matt Burton, the winemaker at Gundog Estate: “A warm season delivered two parcels of Semillon with particularly strong flavour and phenolic attributes, making them the ideal foundations on which to build the Wild Semillon. The first parcel arrived from the dry grown Vernon in Mount View at 11.5 Baume. The balance would come from the central Pokolbin Mount Bright Vineyard, owned by the Tinkler family, at 11.3 Baume. We then divided the volumes; a wild fermentation on skins (14%), another two parcels pressed and then wild fermented cloudy at ambient temperatures, and the balance pressed, settled and fermented as clean juice, with some ferments arrested early. The Wild Semillon blend is probably best described as an assemblage; where we bring together seemingly disparate elements to craft an enticing, even exotic, style of Hunter Valley Semillon.” 

Gundog Estate, Wild Semillon, Hunter Valley, 2017

Still clear in the glass for all the funky wine making. A toasty, nutty, fruit salad nose with familiar yet distant echoes of a young Hunter semillon with vanilla, lemon pith and lemongrass. 9.2 g/l of residual sugar make for a smooth stone fruit ride readily matched by a light, but firm phenolic grip and the finish of unmistakable juicy acidity. This could match all manner of foods but pair it with chilli spiced pork spare ribs and I’ll be wanting an invitation to dinner.

RRP: $30
Alc: 11.1%
Rating 18/20

Wine sample courtesy of Gundog Estate


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