De Bortoli Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé 2017

De Bortoli’s Bella Riva vineyard was planted by the family on the King River (predominantly to Italian varieties) in 1994. Winemaker is Steve Webber

De Bortoli, Bella Riva, Sangiovese, Rosé, King Valley, 2017


Nostalgic aromas, like childhood: Light cherry juice, almond nougat, strawberries n’ cream lollies with supporting (maybe a little towards adulthood) Campari/orange bitters.  Crisp, pink and yet creamy palate that zings with vibrant red fruit flavours of cherries and strawberries, and just a touch of the herbal bitters providing a savoury shading. The finish is dry and of medium length. Versatile in its food matching: my choice would be a big plate of pork scratchings or pork crackle to chomp and crunch, washed down with a big glass of this.

RRP: $16
Alc: 13.5%
Rating: 17/20

Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli Wines


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