De Bortoli DB Winemaker Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

The DB Winemaker Selection series sits what you might call the “value” section of your local bottle shop, a price point that De Bortoli have well and truly triumphed in over the years with Sacred Hill and Windy Peak. This range comes from the Riverina (Bilbul) arm of the De Bortoli stable. Winemaker is Julie Mortlock.

De Bortoli, DB Winemaker Selection, Cabernet Sauvignon, SEA, 2015

Smells chunky, inky, tarry and molasses sweet firstly, before varietal elements of black, blue and purple berries. Underlying herbaceous green leaf salad proudly affirms Cabernet. The palate full bore with jubey blackberry jam, big blueberries, chary oak and espresso bitterness before sour, pulpy tannins. Finishes with distracting, jarring acidity and echoes of heat. Will still have fans due to the amount of cabernet fruit and price point, but unfortunately doesn’t sit as balanced as other De Bortoli wines.

RRP: $11
Alc: 14%
Rating: 15/20

Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli


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