Suvla Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Part of a back vintage haul from the Australian Importer, Opal Wines. The fruit grown on the family estate Bozokbag on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Sealed under DIAM.

Suvla Wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gallipoli Peninsula, 2012

Opened, re-sealed and then left for a day before tasting (only fair, it’s been half way round the word a couple of times). Earthy stony nose with developing characters of leather and baked vegetables over minty chocolate and chunks of black fruit conserve. Well integrated palate. Medium to full bodied. Drying tannins are still an audible whisper. Flavour has some attractive savoury creosote and black olive edges over smooth blackberry fruit and an intense chocolate streak. Mint Slice finish. Still has some life left in it but would need pairing with the right foods.

RRP:  ??
Rating:  16/20

Wine sample courtesy of importer Opal Wines`

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