Round Theory Pinot Gris 2020

Round Theory is a new “sustainable” wine range that focuses on having a positive impact on the environment. The range (which includes an SB, Rosé and a Field Blend) comes in a squat, unique-shaped glass bottles which are “30% lighter, 35% shorter and made from clear glass for improved recyclability and to lower its carbon footprint.” The wines are packed into cartons made from 100% recycled paper and the brand’s packaging is made from 100% recyclable aluminium and plastic material. Both back and front labels are made from FSC certified paper, which has been “harvested in a responsible manner.” I think they mean the trees that made the paper have.
Fruit for the wines is sourced from Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) accredited vineyards in Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay, and the wines are “Vegan Friendly.” Round Theory are also working with the UN Conservation “The Lion’s Share Fund.” Made by Brett Fullerton of Selak’s.

Round Theory, Pinot Gris, Marlborough, 2020

Pale lemon gold in colour.  Varietal aromas: Nashi pear, light brown spice, just ripe citrus and a dash of verbena. Proper Pinot Gris in weight and just slippery texture. Solid pear flavour that carries well through the mid palate before a slightly short greapefruit bitter finish yet still with crispness. Okay value for the dollars, but even better when the altrusim factor is applied.

RRP: $23 (AUD)
Alc: 13%
Rating: 17.25/20 (89/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Round Theory and Dialogue PR


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