Domaines Schlumberger Kitterle Grand Cru Pinot Gris 2011

Domaines Schlumberger first purchased vineyards in Guebwiller, Alsace in the 19th century by Nicolas Schlumberger (but these vineyards were already old).
Post phylloxera outbeak 3 generations later, Ernest Schlumberger took control of the estate and the Guebwiller vineyard which had been abandoned by most of the winegrowers. Ernest realised the opportunity and bought as many plots of land as he could and replanted vines. Now: the Schlumberger domains operate and vinify 140 hectares of vines, half of which in 4 Grand Cru sites: Kitterlé, Kessler, Saering and Spiegel. 30 Hectares are under Biodynamic principles.

Domaines Schlumberger, Kitterle, Grand Cru, Pinot Gris, Alsace, 2011

Cork. Mellow gold in colour signifying both age and the botrytis influence. Medium Sweet on the scale. Overwhelming and intense nose with fleshy stone fruit, toffee twirl, breakfast jellies, apricot kernel, blood orange, quince and pear skin. Layered, complex and silky smooth, near unctuous. The palate sings at tenor with plenty of spice and depth. An initial broadside of flavour before the fist clenches tight and leaves the fine tendrils of acidity and the lingering grapey essence sweetness of the botrytis influence.   A fine example of Grand Cru Gris.
Alc: 13.46%
Rating: 19/20 (95/100)

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