Tar & Roses Prosecco NV

Narelle King heads up the winemaking for Central Victorian winery Tar & Roses. Here they reach to the heart of Prosecco in Australia, the nearby King Valley in NE Victoria.

Tar & Roses, Prosecco, King Valley, NV


Crown seal and lively packaging, encapsulating all that Prosecco offers (accessibility and fun). Fine lacing and tight bubbles. Vibrant and zesty aromas with plenty of green apple, grape, salt and a distinct tobacco herbaceous line. Tight and varietal crispness with an easy mousse.  Nothing too complex but a good depth of flavour with fine balance through the finish.

RRP: $24
Alc: 11.2%
Rating: 17.25/20 (89/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Tar & Roses


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