Yalumba The Tri-Centenary Grenache 2017

Sourced from the Ancestor vines (planted 1889) in the Yalumba Tri-Centenary block. Winemaker is Kevin Glastonbury.

Yalumba, The Tri-Centenary, Grenache, Barossa Valley, 2017


Intense and complex nose: spices of licorice and anise, fruits of deep strawberry and raspberry while plenty of base rich chocolate and meaty, near stock-like umami weaves through like sinew. Lithe and just medium bodied yet with profound dark fruit depth and understated power that drives the wine on and on. The acidity is bracing and almost unexpected in such a bold wine of mesh tannins. Holds its nerve with grace and aplomb.

RRP: $65
Alc: 14%
Rating: 19/20 (95/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Yalumba


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