Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Shiraz 2020

Plus & Minus winemaker Corey Ryan certainly knows his away around a Shiraz. The lauded winemaker makes excellent examples under his Sons Of Eden brand, here he’s making for the Fourth Wave Wine team. The Plus & Minus wines are “hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners, but the “addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process.”  The wines are de-alcoholised to as close to zero as possible.

Plus & Minus, Zero Alcohol, Shiraz, South Australia, 2020 


Deep garnet colour. Sweaty overtones with satsuma plums sweet vanilla oak, mulberry, gunsmoke and pink peppercorn. Sweet plum and raspberry fruit profile through the slippery front and mid palate. Medium bodied with a good amount of drying, puckering tannin. No doubting that it’s Shiraz, but the fruit profile just doesn’t quite follow through the finish. Happy to have alongside a pub lunch (if I have to drive).

RRP: $15
Alc: < 0.5%
Rating: 17.5/20 (90/100)

Wine sample courtesy of  Fourth Wave Wine


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