Moorilla Muse Extra Brut Rosé 2017

While Moorilla (Estate) is firmly ensconced in suburban Hobart, the fruit is sourced from their St Matthias vineyard on the banks of the River Tamar (kanamaluka) in northern Tasmania. Note, bottle image is of the 2016, but nothing else has changed (you can still purchase the 2016 from the Moorilla website.)

Moorilla, Muse, Extra Brut Rosé, Tasmania, 2017


Pale trout to dusky pink colour.  Vibrant beading. Biscuit supporting light red cherry, strawberry and quince fruit, coffee bean, rose heart, stone fruit fuzz and an easy leafiness. Very good balance between the breadth of the mousse and near instant refinement. Acidity electric but almost as subterfuge under quality layers of rose tinged fruit that carries surprising generosity for the structure. Will age very gracefully.

RRP: $45
Alc: 11.9%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Moorilla


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