Mercer Wines Noir 2021

Today, Sunday 17th April is #WorldMalbecDay. This time Aaron Mercer gets his fruit from the Hilltops (NSW). I’ve been listening to a fair bit of Hilltop Hoods lately. Those boys would probably be drinking local Adelaide Hills wines, but they do reference the Andes in their track “Dumb Enough,” which runs through Argentina who also make fantastic Malbec. How’s that for a leitmotif?

Mercer Wines, Malbec, Noir, Hilltops, 2021


Dark and swarthy. Licorice and blood plum with fragrant, near pongy kitchen herbs: lavender and rosemary flower. Some dark easy tar and bluestone earthy notes. Elegantly weighted with tight drying, spreading tannins and surprising acidity. Share the bottle with a platter of sliced flank steak and chimichurri sauce.

RRP: $35
Alc: 14%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Mercer Wines


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