Moorilla Muse Pinot Noir 2017

Fruit for this comes from the Moorilla (Estate) site, built by Claudio Alcorso and celebrating its 60th anniversary this year in 2022. Winemaker is Conor Van Der Reest. Note, bottle image shows 2016, but naught else has changed on the label.

Moorilla, Muse, Pinot Noir, Tasmania, 2017


Medium garnet with near orange rim. Powdered chocolate, orange zest, cherry and strawberry hulls, cherry wood, sweet and chary oak kisses, sweaty foliage, green chilli spice and meaty charcuterie depth. Smoky, fleshy and a carrying a little bite of acidity. The tannins softly gripping, near dusty and dry.  Initially closed and reticent, time and oxygen allow richer, darker fruit to expose itself through the structure.

RRP: $54
Alc: 13%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Moorilla


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