Domaine A Merlot 2018

During the vintage of 2018, Moorilla became the custodian of Domaine A and head winemaker Conor Van Der Reest worked with Peter Althaus, the former custodian for that vintage. Conor says that Merlot was Peter’s favourite variety and it was only released in exceptional years, as luck would have it, 2018 was such a year.

Domaine A, Merlot, Coal Valley, 2018

Domaine A_2018_Merlot

Just a tinge of bricking red to the rim. An autumnal mix of blueberry, ginger, sarsparilla, brown spice, redgum honey and cedary oak. Forget any pretense of Merlot being soft, cuddly and without depth. This is layered, complex and savoury with a dark focus. Long length without any consequence of the high alcohol: there’s hardly any heat. Plentiful tannins and an upright structure. Worthy of being discussed in the top Merlots in the land.

RRP: $85
Alc: 15.4%
Rating: 18.5/20 (94/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Domaine A and Moorilla


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