Crate Wines McLaren Vale Shiraz 2021

Okay, here we go with another Fourth Wave Wine release. This time they’re going down the “less packaging is awesome for the world” vibe. The bottles are the lightest commercially available and made from “imperfects” from glass company Orora that would have otherwise been trashed. No label on the bottle. Just a collar and a cap with a QR code. I’m sure it’s got all the legal stuff it needs (just). The cartons are made from recycled material. There’s no mention of a vintage year (even on the site launched by the QR code), and I had to go hunting for it. Made by Corey Ryan.

Crate Wines, Shiraz, McLaren Vale, 2021

Crate_McLaren Vale Shiraz

Bruise purple with a bright rim. Plush choco berry nose with a mossy and earthy undertone. McLaren Vale nuttiness and savoury slash runs through it. Medium weight with a simple finish. Under/Over ripe fruit fights itself with easy tannin and a tacky close. Look, it’s from FWW and they rarely issue dross: It’s varietal and regional, just a very uncomplicated drink, but at the price point you’re buying it for the feelgood factor.

RRP: $59.99 (per 6 pack)
Alc: 14%
Rating: 15.75/20 (85/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Fourth Wave Wine


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