Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir 2016

Here’s some hefty packaging for a rare beast from the Barossa, a Blanc de Noir sparkling. Neither the pewter front label nor the back label mention the variety, but there’s a few to choose from at Hentley. And as for the back label statement “white wine made from red grapes,” the colour is a pretty  strawberry pink. Ah well, into the fray!

Hentley Farm, Blanc de Noir, Barossa, 2016


As a 2016 vintage, it hasn’t rested very long. The soft cerise/ strawberry colour initially signals a to me like a warning light, though part of my brain wants to see it as a colour of innocence. The nose slightly sweaty and doughy with cherry and sweet wafts of light toffee apple.  The palate crisp and yet paradoxically fluffy (Charmat method? There’s no method mentioned.) with gravelly fruit lines of light cherry and strawberry.  Finishing quite dry with crisp apple acidity. Ultimately it’s not what I expected (or even hoped for when I saw the bottle) and now having to move aside that disappointment from my preconceptions to judge the wine in the glass, it’s not a confection nor an attempt at a mature Moscato. Maybe it should have been labelled a rosé? Regardless, it is well put together wine and would suit suit a big plate of seared tuna nigiri.

RRP: $27.50
Alc: 12%

Wine sample courtesy of Hentley Farm


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