Best’s Great Western Sparkling Shiraz 2013

Some claim that sparkling shiraz is an Australian “invention.” Happy to put that on the mantle piece along with barbed wire and the ute. Best’s certainly have one of the more consistent and mature editions of the style. The base wine is left on yeast lees in the bottle for at least 20 months. Disgorged in the traditional method. Crown seal.

Best’s Great Western, Sparkling Shiraz, Great Western, 2013

Bold and exotic, this is bruise purple and unapologetic with clove, Portello, glazed ham, violets, milk chocolate. A juxtaposition: crisp, clean flavours that belie the complexity. The wine making is superb. Pinches of white pepper overlay boysenberry, blackberry, choco and purple grape delights with a refreshing minty finish. The balance is nigh on exact between sweet fruit (the dosage of liqueur muscat a deft touch), resonant acidity and the right amount of grip. The label says perfect for festive occasions but I say why wait?

RRP: $35
Alc: 14.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Best’s Wines

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