Kings Of Prohibition Stella Beloumant Chardonnay

Finally, the girls get to play as well. Calabria Family Wines launched the Kings Of Prohibition reds in Australia last year with their distinctive branding, aimed to be eye catching. The lack of vintage year is deliberate. I did push last year when reviewing the reds to discover their particular vintages. Whilst these wines at the moment are technically not non-vintage, without a declared vintage it allows Calabria to meet any cyclical demand as the product is well entrenched in overseas markets also.
Stella Beloumant, apparently was the most prolific bootlegger in the wide U.S state of Nevada in keeping with theme of naming the wines after bootlegging, nefarious types…..although one might also calls them pioneering and resourceful during such a time!

Kings Of Prohibition, Stella Beloumant, Chardonnay, Riverland.

Pale yellow-lemon gold. Peachy stone fruit, melon, straw bale, lemon cream and nutty, vanilla tinged oak aromas. Some ample curves and plush qualities for those who like their Chardonnay with a bit of oomph. Fruit is clean, bright supported by oak spice tinge and a little phenolic depth. A good addition to balance the line-up!
RRP: $24
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 16.75/20

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