Yalumba Releases 2015 The Caley Cabernet & Shiraz

Yalumba’s 4th release of their Icon: The Caley Cabernet & Shiraz

July 1st, 2020 sees Yalumba’s 4th release of their Icon red wine: The Caley.  The wine is named in honour of Fred Caley Smith, grandson of Yalumba’s founder: Samuel Smith.

Fred was a horticulturist who is best remembered for a ground-breaking research journey he undertook in 1893 and 1894 to the USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Sri Lanka and India. While travelling, Fred sent home detailed and poignant letters to his father every few days. These have been collected, retained and are kept in the Yalumba archive.

Each release of The Caley celebrates part of Fred’s journey and the 2015 vintage highlights his time in New York City in 1893.

Regarding the wine itself, it is an iconic “Australian” blend of 74% Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and 26% Barossa Shiraz.  

The Caley’s ‘craftsman,’ Kevin Glastonbury described 2015 as “a terrific vintage. The vintage was solid; it gave us ripeness, generosity and richness. When you taste The Caley 2015, it’s almost as though the three previous releases are rolled into one. It has the fruit purity and tannin profile of the 2012, the structure of the 2013 and the generosity and approachability of the 2014.” 

And while drawing comparisons to previous releases, Glastonbury admits that the 2015 will stand alone as “…a star in its own right and a seriously good Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz.” 

For an independent review, see Angus Hughson’s tasting note on winepilot.com

RRP: $365
For more information and to purchase see Yalumba


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