Vino Intrepido Straight Jakot Friulano 2019

Vino Intrepido’s James Scarcebrook gives insight to the naming:
The unique Rutherglen fortified wine Tokay wasn’t the only victim of Hungary joining the European Union and receiving protection of its wine region Tokaji. Previously in the Friuli region Friulano was known as Tocai, and across the border in Slovenia it was known as Tokaj. On the Italian side of the border they officially changed the name to Friulano, but some producers – particularly on the Slovenian side – started referring to the grape as Jakot, merely a reversal of the former name.
The fruit is sourced from Joe Vaughan’s vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula.

Vino Intrepido, Straight Jakot, Friulano, Mornington Peninsula, 2019

Starts off a little reductive and a touch green before pineapple core, green papaya, baked apple, some pea straw and a hint of sweeter barley sugar. Broad, full start which quickly drops away and leaves a modicum of gripping phenolics and a bitter fruit tang. The effort to balance texture and still have delicate fruit is to be applauded.

RRP: $30.99
Alc: 11.8%
Rating:  17.25/20 (89/100)

Wine sample courtesy Vino Intrepido


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