Dalrymple Cave Block Chardonnay 2013

A back vintage find self purchased at a local bottle shop. Stored in great conditions. Vigneron is the affable Pete Caldwell.

Dalrymple, Cave Block, Chardonnay, Pipers River, 2013

A great example of a just starting to develop Chardonnay. Still tight and fresh. Richness of lemon curd and fleshy stonefruit over white pebbles, lime zest, nougat, attractive vanilla bean and savoury/mealy wheatgerm and briny chicken salt. The palate starting to flesh out over the still fine, taut and lengthy frame with subtle grip. Not ready to give up and surrender, there’s a puckering reminder at the finish that the acid drive from this wine isn’t going away soon.

Purchase Price: $39.95 (current RRP $38)
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 19/20 (95/100)

Wine self purchased. See more from Dalrymple


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