Domaine A Pinot Noir 2017

Domaine A, legendary Tasmanian label now under the custodianship of the team at Moorilla, headed up by Conor van der Reest.

Domaine A, Pinot Noir, Tasmania, 2017


Deliberately left this to taste the day after first opening (all closed and not wanting to play at all. Must give it air). Maraschino cherry, dried figs, Christmas cake spice, Christmas butter, crushed sage leaves, violets, just picked blackberry, aniseed, pan jus and yet retains an elegant lift to the perfume. Deeply flavoured, muscular and potent. Tannins are tightly knotted, only adding to the complexity and focus of the palate. Firmly planted at base, this is is no wallflower. Lingering char and black fruit with a hedonistic half smirk. Goodness me.

RRP: $85
Alc: 14.9%
Rating: 19/20 (95/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Domaine A


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