Bay of Fires Chardonnay 2014

Boom! Here comes the…Boom! Ready or not! But of course you’re ready: You were ready when you saw the label. Fuck it, yes: judge the book by the cover.

Bay Of Fires, Chardonnay, Tasmania, 2014

bay of fires Chard
Just right eggy custard sulfide over vanillan oak with supermarket duopoly “perfect white flesh” stone fruit, light wafer and touch of green apple skin. Crystalline palate. Little zings (like your tongue on a 9v battery), are interrupted with juicy, mouth clicky, saliva inducing acids. Clean. Like whistle-clean, but not austere or cold…No no, she don’t like… that kind of behaviour. There’s fruit too; delicious nectarine & limoncello lemons that don’t fall over or turn sour, but leave you with a smile. Captivating. And strange as it seems, the lineage of Arras is here, that family resemblance, like the younger of the Hemsworths…or Frank Stallone…or Eric Roberts. But better.

RRP: $38
Alc: 13%

Wine sample courtesy of Bay Of Fires

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