Margan Breaking Ground Ripasso 2017

The new release of the time taking, labour intensive ripasso from Margan. Ripasso is “an Italian winemaking technique which ‘double ferments’ wine over the skins of previously fermented grapes (called must or pomace) to build extra structure, body and flavour into the wine. Traditionally it is used in Valpolicella DOC in the North of Italy where the grapes have first been dried to concentrate the flavours before vinification for the Amarone and Recioto styles of wine.”  The Margan team passed this over their 2018 Shiraz.

Margan, Breaking Ground, Ripasso, Shiraz, Hunter Valley, 2017

Powerful, evocative and bright aromas. Rich, jubey, concentrated raspberry with shiny plum skin over smoked cherrywood, dried flowers and a cupboard full of baking spices. More layers than a free range egg farm. Such a textural beast with seething middleweight muscularity. Mouth-coating, gauze-like tannins that envelope fragrant purple/red fruits with a wicked herbal finish. Complex, involved and classy.

RRP: $75
Alc: 14%
Rating: 18.5/20

Wine sample courtesy of Margan Family Wines

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