Yalumba Organic Viognier 2021

Part of Yalumba’s Certified Organic program. In the spectrum of Yalumba’s Viognier, this release sits roughly mid tier. Winemaker is Heather Fraser. Vegan friendly.

Yalumba, Organic, Viognier, South Australia, 2021

Richer and funkier than the straight-down-the line Y Series. Starts reductive and reticent. Once open, there’s definitely more bang for the buck here. Fennel frond anise, apricot kernel and skin, sweet orange blossom, lemon zest, ginger skin and pineapple juice. Waxy and coating texture, still retaining impetus and drive. Powerful enough to handle well-weighted foods such as Moo Grob (Thai pork belly).

RRP: $22
Alc: 13.5%
Rating: 17.75/20 (91/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Yalumba

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